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  • Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee.
  • Dry processing coffee cherries

Ethiopia Sidama Natural


Ethiopia Sidama Natural

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About This Product

I'm roasting this coffee to bring forward a lot of rich, sweet chocolate notes while putting fruit taste in the background. We have multiple offerings now that highlight a chocolate taste but they do not taste the same. This Ethiopian has a silky texture that feels different from the others (this stems from lower acid & the natural processing at the farm). The chocolate note is sweet, more like a milk chocolate than a dark one. And there's a graham cracker base note too. The fruit note is pronounced when you grind the coffee - it smells like fresh blueberries - and it's in the brew but it compliments instead of dominates the cup. This is a very approachable, easy-to-drink coffee. REFRESHING & EXOTIC

More about this coffee:
This lot of coffee is from small farmers in Sidama that has many of the old, heirloom cultivars.  It's grown at high altitude, is dry-processed, and only includes the highest grade of beans.


Other Details

Medium Bodied
Medium Roast
Milk Chocolate
Lt. Brown Sugar

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