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LAST CALL <BR> Kenya Mahiga


LAST CALL <BR> Kenya Mahiga

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About This Product

Our newest Kenyan coffee is currently my favorite coffee to drink right now. If you are familiar with Kenyan coffees, you know they are normally bright and lively. The brightness in this one is toned down, it's quite in balance with the flavors and weight. Speaking of flavors, they are rather hard to describe! The base note I think is like a sweet graham cracker, quite tasty. The finish has a berry jam flavor, but it's in the background and dependent on how well it's brewed. The aroma when wet (smell a brew in a French Press) is intoxicating with a mix of spices that add beautiful complexity in the cup.  This is clearly a gorgeous coffee, I hope you enjoy it. HEARTY & TRADITIONAL

More about this coffee:
This coffee is the SL-28 varietal created in the 1930' and SL-34.  The beans are grown at high altitude with the average co-op farmer at over 5,500 feet elevation (high altitudes produce the best coffee). 


Other Details

Full Bodied
Medium Roast
Graham Cracker
Berry Jam

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