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Orazure Single-Origin Coffees
We define single-origin as a coffee from a known single geographic location. It could be, for example, a micro-lot on a single farm, or a single farm, or coffee from a collection of farms. Our single-origin coffees are interesting from a taste and human story perspective. As a coffee becomes more and more narrowly defined geographically, its flavors stand out as unique expressions of the particular place it was grown and by those particular people.

  • Raised coffee drying beds in Kenya

  • Fresh coffee ready for export from Costa Rica

  • Ripe Cherries

  • Rwandan ripe coffee cherries

  • Swiss Water DECAF - Costa Rica

  • Fresh, emerald colored green Sumatra

  • Sorting coffee in Ethiopia

  • Fresh, Artisan Coffee Subscription

  • Raised coffee drying beds in Kenya

Orazure's Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction

Our fresh coffee (and everything else we do) is meant to make you happy, so if you aren't, just let us know and we'll quickly replace it or refund your money. Learn more about our guarantee.

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